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At NOLA Gymnastics, we believe gymnastics develops fitness, character, integrity, discipline and self-motivation in all areas of their lives. We want our athletes to grow up with loving memories of this sport and develop a sense of fearlessness. Consistent with our mission and the pledge of USAG, we believe NOLA SPARKLE is a program that helps “foster… a safe, positive and encouraging environment throughout the gymnastics community.”

Coach Lillian
3 Time National Champion

Lillian Powers

Coach Lillian is a senior and honor student at Isidore Newman School and Captain of their Varsity Gymnastics team.

Coach Lillian has trained at NOLA Gymnastics since she was 3 years old. She has competed and medaled as an acrobatic gymnast at the local, state, national and international level and is a three time National Champion. 

Coach Lillian Powers created NOLA SPARKLE together with her mentor Ivan Ivanov in the hopes of mentoring upcoming gymnasts. 

Each week we celebrate and discuss each letter of SPARKLE (sportsmanship, practice, attitude, respect, kindness, leadership, and emotion).

First starting the sport at age 3, Coach Lillian has almost 13 years of experience as a gymnast

Coach Lillian’s Philosophy

“Gymnastics has taught me so many tools for success. What I learned in gymnastics, I have applied to my life as a student, friend and sister. Gymnastics taught me to show up ready, to be deliberate, to work hard and to always to have your team members’ back. It also taught me about reaching out to teammates and coaches when I was unsure. Gymnastics helped me understand that there is a balance and healthy way to develop and achieve your goals, whatever they might be. I am so excited to help young gymnasts achieve their goals, both on and off the mat.”

Coach Ivan Ivanov and coach Lillian Powers

Ivan Ivanov

NOLA Gymnastics Acro Head coach, Ivan Ivanov, was formerly a decorated international elite gymnast and is finding creative ways to pass that legacy on to young gymnasts in Louisiana. Coach Ivan not only has grown the NOLA Gymnastics team to include higher level gymnasts, but he also instills positive character traits and foster team unity within this program.

“Together with my student Lillian Powers we have implemented this mentorship program to create confidence in our gymnasts in all aspects of their lives.”

Ivan’s Philosophy

As we all became aware of the highly publicized abuse in the gymnastics arena, I realized that positive coaching is a top priority moving forward. We need to give girls the skills to be fearless and speak out against verbal, physical and sexual abuse. We also need to create an environment that does not encourage eating disorders.

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